Become indispensable to your agent clients and grow your revenue with boosted real estate ads

Add value by enabling your agents to run targeted listing ads that reach your audience of high-intent buyers off-site, and drive traffic straight back to your portal.

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Our portal partners are seeing an up to 400% increase
in listing views from boosted ads powered by Flow

We're working with leading portals around the world - enabling them to add maximum value to their product offering, while elevating their most important metrics which are fundamental to their core business

Grow your revenue by giving agents easy-to-use tools to
advertise to your audience of buyers across social media &
popular websites


Flow's enterprise offering makes it simple for agents using your portal to create targeted social media ads directly from their existing content, which reach over 90% of people online, and drive traffic back to your portal.

Ad Builder (native and embedded)

Analytics, reporting & communication

Traffic optimisation

White-label & SSO

Packages & subscriptions

Increase ARPU

Dig deeper into the agent's wallet by accessing a greater portion of their media spend

Increase Retention

Increase agency retention and stickiness with a more integrated product experience

Increase Traffic to the Portal

From agent-funded ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google & Digital Billboards

Become Indispensable

Embrace an omni-channel approach to offer an integrated product experience

No cost to the Portal

Remove costs and increase profitability, by placing this complex and nuanced value-added product in the hands of experts who know it best

Get to market quickly with Flow Ad Builder integration

Flow Ad Builder allows your agent clients to create professional, targeted real estate ads, in just a few clicks. It's like having a team of designers, marketers and tech experts at your fingertips!

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Stay ahead of the competition and start earning more revenue now, with your choice of 3 different Ad Builder integration levels:

Link out: Link to white-labeled Flow Ad Builder environment

Embed: White-labeled Ad Builder framed into your environment

Native: Fully integrated using Flow API

Analytics API

Flow offers direct API integration that can be used in the portal's native analytics platform and data warehouse. Users can access the performance of their ads including views, clicks, engagement & more

Maximise the value in your audience through analytics

Enhance agent reports/dashboard

Offer agents superior seller reports

See how Flow can help you elevate your portal business with
industry leading innovation that maximises your ROI

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