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Get peace of mind when you lease your property

Safeguard your property investment with eviction management and property risk solutions from Xpello

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Why should landlords and property owners choose Xpello?

A leading name in the property industry, making evictions of illegal tenants possible for all Landlords:

Recognised by legal experts as having extensive knowledge of evictions, lease agreements, and rental collections

A team of leading specialist attorneys will take the necessary action

Attorneys resident in each province with sound knowledge of local court laws

Saves time and effort, as landlords do not need to attend court

Freedom for landlords, who don’t need be in the country foraction to be taken

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Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind to lease your investment properties risk-free

Solve eviction problems before they start

An efficient, legal and cost-effective solution to deal with illegal tenants:

Landlord peace of mind for a nominal fee

Full access to our team of highly experienced legal specialists who will handle the entire eviction process from start to finish

No waiting period

Xpello legal specialists attend court on your behalf

Very grateful for the service and help to evict our rogue tenant. Xpello supported us every step of the way, and kept us calm throughout. We couldn't have done it without them!

Martin B


Never lose a night’s sleep because of problem tenants