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Everything you need for a stress-free move

Make moving home a breeze with great deals on packing materials from Ecobox.

Protect your hard-earned valuables and belongings

Choose from a wide variety of eco-friendly moving boxes and packing accessories:

Stackable plastic moving boxes

Cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes, available in both double wall and single wall strength

Home moving kits

Moving accessories including bubble wrap, mattress bags and furniture covers

Moving trolleys

How it works

Moving made easy



Browse Ecobox online and choose from a wide variety of moving products



Get your packing materials delivered straight to your door



Enjoy a smooth move courtesy of Ecobox

Why should tenants choose Ecobox?

One eco-friendly solution to all your moving needs:

The responsible choice - Ecobox offers an environmentally friendly moving option

Convenience - supplies are delivered to your door and picked up when you're done moving

Ecoboxes are sanitised, weaterproof and sealable

Shop online from the comfort of your home

The service we received from your company was excellent, my boxes were delivered to my door right on time. I would recommend Ecobox to anyone that is moving house - they made our lives so much easier!

Zintle M


The convenient, affordable and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard moving boxes