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The best solar subscription under the sun

Our all-in-one monthly solar subscription gives you the benefits of a full hybrid home solar system, without huge expense and hassle. It really is that easy. From R1,740 per month.

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Sunshine is freedom!

We provide tailored hybrid solar solutions with monthly subscriptions, ensuring freedom, flexibility, and continuous updates with evolving technology.

RELIABILITY: The sun never lets you down. So, welcome to your interruption-free life.

AFFORDABILITY: No big, upfront capital outlay, just one affordable, fixed monthly fee that gives you peace-of-mind, lower costs, savings, and clean, reliable, sustainable energy.

COST CONTROL: Your money goes much further as you reduce your electricity bills and avoid rising electricity costs.

PEACE OF MIND: Your system always operates at peak performance. There is no ‘Will it? Won’t it?’.

SUSTAINABILITY: Your support for the planet is higher and your carbon footprint is lower.

With GoSolr it’s quick and easy to get started



Complete the sign-up process and pay the once-off admin fee



We schedule your installation at a date and time that suits you



Keep your power on with clean, cost-effective energy

Designed to suit your pocket and your purpose.

We’re on a mission to bring sunshine into every South African home.

We focus on making our solar energy solutions more affordable and accessible to South Africans, which is why we designed different packages to suit different needs and lifestyles.

All our solutions are available for a fixed monthly fee. That means no surprises and no big upfront investment!

Incredible product makes complete financial sense. The installation was professional, quick, neat, and tidy. We went for the large option, haven’t even thought about load-shedding since, wish we installed it sooner - life changing, especially if you have young kids and work from home.

Kyle Day

GoSolr Customer

Here comes the sun.

Bring light into my life
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