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Get pre-approved for a home loan

Tired of paying rent? Get a home of your own with the help of BetterBond.

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One application. Multiple bond quotes. No cost.

BetterBond works with the leading banks so you can compare their offers! BetterBond will:

Help you prepare your application

Submit your application to multiple banks, including your own, on your behalf

Negotiate for you to get the best deal

Help select the best option for you

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Here’s what to do:



Complete your application with BetterBond



Receive a selection of bank offers to choose from



Accept the best deal - congratulations, you’re a home owner!

Why should buyers choose BetterBond?

BetterBond has helped more than one million South Africans on their journey to owning a home.

BetterBond’s service is absolutely FREE

Get pre-approved for a loan

Your chance of bond approval is significantly higher

BetterBond can get you a better interest rate

BetterBond is definitely the industry leaders when it comes to home loans. They really go the extra mile and give exceptional customer service. I have referred many friends and family members who have all become loyal customers after their excellent service and results.

Anita T


BetterBond works with all the leading banks to secure you the best home loan deal

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