Extract more value from your property

See the difference Flow can make

Find better tenants faster

Use Flow's curated search function to find pre-checked tenants who are incentivised to pay your rent on time and look after your property.

More control. Less effort

Your dashboard tracks all aspects of your property portfolio, including tenant performance and a maintenance ticketing system.

Shared value living

Flow's shared value technology results in happier tenants who are more likely to continue renting the property. We believe this is the best long term retention strategy for landlords to keep their properties occupied with higher quality tenants.

Flow is a digital platform designed for landlords focused on finding the highest quality tenants to extract the most value out of your property.

Flow is unique because it’s been developed with the tenant in mind. They get transparency, open communication and an easier way to manage payment and billing so there’s no confusion, no tension, just seamless living.

Using Flow for your portfolio doesn’t require you to change the way you work. It just offers you an exponentially better way to efficiently manage properties.