Reach buyers, sellers andrenters where they are

Flow automatically creates Facebook ads out of your listings, that reach 23 million South Africans, and drive pre-assessed leads to your phone

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Your buyers, sellers and renters are all here

Join leading brands globally who choose to find business on Facebook, Instagram and Google. In fact over 70% of all digital media budgets are spent here because it works.

23 Million

on Facebook & Instagram.

4 Hours

Spent on their phones every day


Come back daily

8.3 million

& 30k+ companies on LinkedIn

Agencies and developers who use FlowFuel to drive their business growth:

Automated Facebook Ads

Your listings get pulled in and automatically converted to Facebook and Instagram ads, targeted to the right audience to drive new buyers, sellers and renters leads.

Manage listings or Sync with your listings management system

Automated ads creation

Full funnel campaign - awareness to conversion

Targeting algorithms for optimal performance

Branded Lead Page

You get a Branded Lead Page with your brand and your listings, optimised for social and to drive mobile conversions

Exclusively showing your listings and brand

Keep your competition out! Drive leads to 100% of your property listings.

Automatically packages your listings with exclusive deals and rewards

Leads delivered for performance & convertibility

Get instant new lead alerts and start WhatsApp chats in seconds to ensure your highest chance of conversion

Get instant new lead alerts

Customizable SMS and email notifications to agents and/or your prescribed agency contacts

Contact leads in seconds on Whatsapp

Take immediate action with automated, personalised chat responses via Whatsapp. No need to type, copy + paste, or even save contacts to your phonebook

Faster Response time
= more conversions


Did you know that the chances of converting a hot lead deteriorates by 40% every 5 mins


of leads are closed by the first business to respond

Drive Hot Leads & build a Sales Pipe

Never lose a lead - get more control and increase performance

Leads are categorised and prioritised to take the guesswork out of who to contact next

Automatically pull in your leads to your CRM and start Follow up campaigns

Hook up your CRM with Flow’s integration with Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Freshworks CRM, Prop Data and 100’s of others

Lead Analytics Dashboard

Get deep insights into your leads so you can better shape your business for performance and closing more deals

Real time analytics of who is interested in your properties and brand

Break it down by urgency, profile, property, agent, suburb and more

Take action on insights from analytics to maximise profit

“Flow has helped me fill vacancies faster than before and with high quality renters. They did it by enabling my business to access Facebook ads in an automated way which I would have not been able to myself.”

Kevin Scanes

CEO Rental Warehouse

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