Enhancing a well-established brand through the implementation of modern advertising channels


Huizemark is a well-respected agency that is proud of its 59 years of ethical service and commitment to maintaining its core values. Eager to get with the times, Huizemark signed up with Flow to expand their existing marketing efforts to social media channels, aiming to attract and engage with potential new customers and keep their brand top-of-mind.

209 000

people reached


of potential audience reached in target area

14 230

profile views


To increase brand exposure and obtain high quality buyer and seller leads, Huizemark ran a social media awareness campaign using Facebook carousel ads featuring their unique offering. Huizemark used Flow to pull through their feed and automatically generate the ads, resulting in an instant campaign that they could roll out immediately. Using the Flow platform, leads from this campaign were driven directly to Huizemark agents’ phones, ensuring a seamless follow-up process to maximise potential business. Through the power of proptech, Huizemark was able to reach 209,000 people, 68% of the potential audience in their target area. As a result of this campaign, Huizemark saw a notable increase in engagement and lead volumes on social media, including a total of 14,230 profile views.

Products used


Reach & Awareness ads

Branded Lead Page

Exclusively showing your listings and brand

Audience Building

Flow Facebook base

Instant Lead Alerts

SMS & email notifications straight to your phone

"The Flow platform has taken us on a journey with social media that we could not have imagined before. It has enabled our franchises to build an online presence in an automated fashion, making a big difference in their business and elevating the Huizemark brand.

Bryan Biehler

Huizemark Group CEO

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