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With a unique combination of sector knowledge and entrepreneurial flair, Tyson Properties has emerged as a forward-thinking real estate agency, with a desire to be known not as the biggest, but as the best. Big on innovation and with an aim to be pioneering and progressive, Tyson Properties Fourways started using the Flow platform to implement alternative marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram - which reach more South Africans than any other medium - to cement their position as the go-to real estate experts in their area, and to generate leads for potential property buyers.

127 000

people reached


of potential audience reached in target area

13 200

people reached with brand recall

21 874

listing views


buyer leads


To create awareness and exposure for their agency, Tyson Properties Fourways ran eye-catching ads in carousel format, featuring their top agents and impactful messaging, and positioning themselves as the Fourways area experts. Their agent profiles were automatically pulled from their feed through Flow, allowing them to start reaching potential customers online, both instantly and effortlessly. Tyson Properties Fourways used the Flow software to ensure their ads were shown to an audience within a 5km radius. Through the right frequency, targeting and strategic adjustments, they were able to achieve 119% reach in their target areas, with ads shown to 127,000 people out of a potential audience size of 106,500. The ads were shown at an average frequency of 6x per month, reaching potential customers often enough to have an impact. A total of 13,200 people with brand recall was achieved. With the traction from their brand campaign, Tyson also ran a leads campaign. They used Flow’s software to automatically pull through their listings and create dynamic property ads, retargeted to the audiences they had built, driving up listing views and sending buyer leads directly to the phones of 20 agents. This strategy delivered 21,874 listing views and 161 quality buyer leads.

Products used


Reach & Awareness ads


Buyer Lead ads

Branded Lead Page

Exclusively showing your listings and brand

Audience Building

Flow Facebook base

Instant Lead Alerts

SMS & email notifications straight to your phone

"Your targeting system works very well and it has increased our exposure across a number of the main line digital portals. We have had enquiries via Flow which have resulted in sales and access to buyers who have contacted us as a result of seeing the Flow channel online. The service and feedback we have received from you has also been excellent. For a company wanting to break out of the traditional mould, I would highly recommend Flow as a progressive alternative or add on.

Jonathan Davies

Principal, Tyson Properties Fourways

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