Growing High Quality Traffic to the Teljoy E-commerce Site


A well established and trusted household name, Teljoy is a brand with over 51 years of history in providing South Africans with quality household products within a budget that they can afford. As a brand that is always striving to go the extra mile and evolve with the times, Teljoy recently pivoted to a rent-to-own model, offering a wide range of household products with the option to take ownership after the rental period. To facilitate growth, Teljoy partnered with Flow with the objective to find new sources of high quality leads, and to drive awareness and higher volumes of traffic to their e-commerce site, resulting in an increase in transactions.


Session time on the Teljoy website


Less cost per purchase


Increased overall volume and monthly growth


To achieve these objectives, Flow users who are in the market to buy or rent a property were retargeted on Facebook with specific furniture and appliance deals which click through to the Teljoy e-commerce site. Additionally, the Teljoy offering was placed on the enquiry confirmation email/sms that was received by an enquiring buyer/tenant - a point of high intent.

Products used

Flow Audience Retargeting

Flow Facebook base

Enquiry Email & SMS

Listing enquiry confirmation placements

"With the help of Flow, we were able to create specific product deals to reach the right audience, at the right time for them. This resulted in a significant increase in quality traffic to our website, and cost effective monthly growth. We’re thrilled to see these strong results, and excited for the road ahead!

Aimee Miller

Marketing & Customer Experience Executive

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