The New Flow Tenant Shop Helps Tenants Unlock Value And Save More

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Flow launches an online shop to reward tenants, help them save money and make their rent more affordable.

The global pandemic and national lockdown have impacted every aspect of our lives, from endless Zoom meetings and online birthday parties to digital first dates and YouTube workout videos. It’s a lot to deal with. As part of our founding vision to reward tenants, Flow is constantly coming up with innovative ideas to make life simpler. That’s why we’re launching our Flow Tenant Shop — to help make things a little easier, safer and more affordable for our Flow tenants during these tough times.

South Africa’s Growing E-Commerce Trends

E-commerce has skyrocketed and consumer behaviour has changed drastically since the start of lockdown. With the easing of lockdown measures in May, 65% of customers returned to physical stores less frequently than before, according to Nielsen South Africa. And 29% of South African consumers say they are doing far more shopping online. The market research company predicts that the local e-commerce industry will grow by 10% this year and will see a 200% growth in online food purchases.

Launching an e-commerce platform solely dedicated to our Flow tenants has been in the works for a while. It reinforces our aim to reward tenants and help them save money, while answering the growing demand for local e-commerce platforms.

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How The Flow Shop Helps Tenants Save

We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to launch Flow Shop ahead of South Africa’s peak infection period, which is expected to hit the country around now. We encourage all our tenants to stay home, be safe and to practice social distancing measures during this time, as best as they can.

The Flow Tenant Shop specifically focuses on household products, such as food and beverages, cleaning products, everyday items as well as health and beauty products. There are over 5 000 of your favourite local and international products to choose from at discounted prices, which are only available to Flow tenants. Each month, we’ll run discounts, sales and feature new products.

The more you use the Flow app to undertake your various Flow activities, the higher your rewards level and the bigger your Flow shop discounts will be. We want to further reward good-standing tenants by making life a little more affordable, especially now when it matters most.

1*J41JtOjfLjnrGSZ91YQNYQ Tenants who use the Flow app get exclusive monthly discounts to use at the Flow Tenant Shop.

And by doing your shopping on the Flow Shop at least once a month, you’ll maintain a higher rewards level, which will unlock further product discounts — but more about that soon.

How does the Flow Shop work?

It’s really quick and simple. If you’re already a Flow tenant, all you have to do is register for the Flow Shop on You’ll receive your monthly discount vouchers on the Flow app. The higher your Flow rewards level, the bigger the discounts you’ll earn. As part of our launch deal, you’ll receive a 30% discount voucher on your first purchase, if you spend at least R300. Image for post

1*t76ikMV70SXSiasy0LFEbw The the first 500 Flow Tenant Shop customers will receive a 30% off voucher

When you’re ready to check out, you can make an instant, secure payment with your credit card or via Ozow — our integrated bank-to-bank payment solution that’s trusted by South African retailers. Your order is completed immediately and your goods will be delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s as easy as that. So you can stay in your PJs in the comfort of your home, avoid the crowds and the hassle of sanitising EVERYTHING after being in public.

How The Flow Shop Helps Landlords

As far as we know, an adjoining online shop is a global first in the proptech industry. Flow’s customised e-commerce platform is another way to reward tenants for paying their rent on time and for completing their monthly check-in via the Flow app.

At the same time, Flow Shop’s discount vouchers help tenants save even more money. By making the cost of living more affordable, especially at a time like this, tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time because they’ve stretched their budget further. Welcome to the future of proptech!

Register for the Flow Shop or enter your email and we’ll send promotions, sales and new products directly to your inbox once we launch.

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