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Flow’s listings functionality for landlords goes live.

For the past 2 years, we’ve been working really hard at making renting cheaper and easier for tenants. Today we are super excited to go live with our latest version of Search, where landlords will be able to upload their own listings and use Flow to package their listings so that they attract the best tenants to their properties.

Many landlords have been worrying what impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on their investment properties. The market is full of talk about tenants not paying rental and not having been able to move during the lockdown, but the big question on everyone’s minds is what to expect next as we move to level 2.

We have seen a surge of tenants moving in the market during June, so there is no doubt that now is the time to get your listing out there while tenants are in the market looking for something that offers them more value and allows them to afford their rent better.


Flow’s listings functionality for landlords is live

Move into the digital space

Social distancing has made searching, viewing and even completing the required paperwork for a rental a real challenge for the foreseeable future.

Having originally launched as a rewards platform for renters and landlords, Flow’s latest innovation sees the introduction of an offering for landlords to attract great tenants to their vacant properties.

Landlords who make the shift to a proptech platform like Flow, will more easily set themselves apart, and attract the right kind of tenants to sustain their business.


Get access to great tenants

Flow plugs landlords directly into #GenerationRent, 21–35 year olds who are opting for the flexible benefits of renting property that comes with additional value like discounted electricity, data and groceries.

Landlords want to attract tenants that they can convert as fast as possible.

Flow boasts the largest tenant community in Africa, with over 90 000 registered tenants, whose behaviour to pay their rent on time has helped manage their relationship with landlords who have incentivised them through a rewards programme which includes benefits like 50% off pre-paid electricity and deals from a host of partners including Dis-Chem, Woolworths, Checkers and UberEats.

The benefits offered to tenants whose landlords have signed up for a Flow Pro subscription are far greater than the limited benefits that ‘unconnected‘ tenants get.

Many of these ‘unconnected‘ tenants who have landlords that are not on Flow Pro are now looking to move to continue getting great value that is only accessible on Flow.


Subscribe to Flow Pro to give your tenants access to exclusive rewards

Make your listings stand out from the rest

Flow’s Behavioural Search functionality matches highly-profiled renters with up-to-date listings of the right properties. This gives landlords the ability to boost their listings with Flow rewards, and makes their listings stand out from the rest.

The ‘always-on’ functionality removes the need for follow-up phone calls in the rental-hunting market — the properties a tenant sees are available, in real-time by using our unique instant messaging tech.

If you want to check out our new listing journey now, click here and feel the Flow OR continue reading to see what else we have in store.

Add value to all your listings

Add value to your listings across all platforms by highlighting that your rental comes with Flow, even when listing on Private Property and Property24.

This is an affordable way to bring value to your listings at a fraction of what these rewards would cost you if you were to purchase them directly.


Tenants also get access to exclusive deals that make their move to you easier and cheaper, like moving truck discounts with our partner Droppa and deposit loans with Boodle.


Improve communication with prospective tenants

The Flow platform’s built-in messaging feature means that landlords are able to communicate quickly and directly with prospective tenants, whose profiles they are able to review, on the spot. Flow research indicates that the chances of converting a hot lead deteriorates by 40% every 5 mins, and 78% of leads are closed by the first landlord to respond. The new generation of tenants expect far faster response times and if they don’t get it from you, they will simply move on to the next listing. You get a chat app, or use the website to chat to the leads from your listings.

Highly profiled tenants

By the time you receive your rental inquiry on Flow, the tenant has been pre-screened and is one step away from being able to sign a lease. The inquiry comes packaged with information that you are not getting from any other search platform like ID number, social media profiles, employment details and previous landlord referrals. 75% of lease applications that come from other platforms are rejected due to the tenant not being profiled ahead of the application, so by bringing this step to the front of the journey we will be saving landlords lots of time and money.


Flow tenants are pre-screened, saving you time and money

A platform to house your full rental journey

We’re constantly innovating the Flow platform with the aim of providing the full rental experience for both tenants and landlords.

We started by rewarding tenants during their lease and now we are using the lessons learnt to help landlords attract the best new tenants .

The opportunities for landlords who join us on our journey are endless and we think we can now help take your rental portfolio into the 21st century, giving you access to a far smoother, frictionless way for you to find and retain the kind of tenant that you really want.


Get listing now and take your rental journey to a whole new level!

Sign up today and add your first property.


Email us at if you want to find out any further info as to what’s coming next on the platform, or to give us any ideas or suggestions you may have that we can use to make Flow even better for our users.

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