What agents get wrong by boosting posts on Social Media

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Facebook’s Ads interface looks daunting for a reason - it is. The Ads Manager is a complex platform that can help you laser-target your audience and get exactly what you want from them, when and how you want it - but only if you know what you’re doing.

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Intimidated by Ads, most agents opt for boosting posts because it seems like a simpler solution. It is - but ‘simple’ isn’t ‘good’ in the same way that you can only have a product occupy two categories of ‘good’, ‘cheap’ and ‘quick’.

Limited Targeting

Boosting offers limited targeting and excludes your ad from one of the most powerful elements of social media advertising, in retargeting. Retargeting occurs when you click on an ad or product on one site and then you see that product advertised to you on most of the other sites you visit over the course of the next few hours, days or weeks.

The limited targeting functionality on boosts means you’re operating something of a ‘spray and pray’ approach to advertising, rather than honing in on prospective clients, based on their history, demographic and even location.

Extra Admin

The market is booming and you have a long list of inventory - do you really want to sit and put together a post for each and every one, and boost it individually? If you’re not using Flow, that’s pretty much what you’ll have to do, creating a new ad for every listing, from scratch.

Boosts also don’t help draw would-be clients in to a central point - they go to the ad, they look at the individual property and then they click away, again. It’s annoying and is likely to drive them away, particularly if they’re simply browsing. Using Flow can help you bring them into your central landing page, automatically send a SMS or WhatsApp message about their interest for a quick reaction, straight to your pocket and integrate with your CRM platform to keep them close.

Spurning Simplicity

Flow leverages the extensive targeting capability that Facebook Ads offers, without you having to master the complex interface. It’s a one-click solution that builds, posts and targets your listings. Tick ‘I want buyers’ when you’re ready to post and Flow does all the back-end hard work for you.

We’ll automatically run a custom landing page for you, wire up the pixel and send an SMS & WhatsApp directly to you, to help you close deals as fast as possible. Your job is closing deals - let Flow do the rest.

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