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Even the most dedicated audiences spend only about one hour per month browsing their favourite marketplace, and that's just a tiny slice of the online population. 2.91 billion people are actively engaged on Facebook and Instagram, spending an average of 4 hours a day on their phones. With a staggering 70% of them returning daily, it’s likely that no marketplace or CRM can match the level of constant exposure and engagement. It's no wonder that 68% of marketing budgets across various business sectors are now invested in the digital realm.

Off-Site Featured Listings are the Ultimate Value-Add

The key to unlocking those audiences for marketplaces or CRMs and their clients is by adding off-site featured listings to their subscription offerings.

Off-site featured listings offer a powerful way for these platforms to re-target high-intent buyers who have already expressed interest through their platform. This time, the ads reach potential buyers on their own social media feeds, creating a more organic and personalised experience. By enticing users to click on these off-site ads, marketplaces and CRMs can direct them back to their sites, where the chances of conversion into a sale are significantly higher. The result? An improved user experience for buyers, a high-quality audience for sellers, and ultimately, increased revenue opportunities for the marketplace.

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Tap into a Global Trend

Leading marketplaces and CRMs across the world are already embracing this solution and seeing up to 400% increase in listing views through off-site ads.

For instance, REA, Australia's No.1 property site for real estate, generates an impressive 98% of its new revenue from value-added services, and a significant portion comes from their off-site featured listing feature. Their 'Audience Maximiser’ consistently shows a 50% lift in views for those listings linked to off-site ads.

And it's not just limited to real estate; even the automotive marketplace in the US experienced an 8% ARPD revenue increase per dealer in just one year by maximizing ROI on active car shoppers. By providing users access to's exclusive audience through relevant off-site ads, they used their own retargeted audience data to effectively target local shoppers actively looking for vehicles.

Fast-Track Success with Seamless Integration

Partnering with a tech platform like Flow to enable off-site featured listings offers marketplaces and CRMs numerous advantages:

  • Immediate, increased revenue opportunities
  • An enhanced product offering, leading to boosted client retention.
  • Increased traffic
  • Seamless integration and minimal development time

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With Flow, marketplaces can effortlessly boost their revenue by enabling their clients to publish professional listing ads off-site on both Facebook and Instagram. It's a set-and-forget value-added product that's seamlessly bundled into their existing subscriptions.

Flow empowers marketplaces to effortlessly boost their revenue by enabling clients to publish professional listing ads off-site on both Facebook and Instagram. This set-and-forget value-added product seamlessly integrates into their existing subscriptions.

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