#FlowDrop: Everyone is on Facebook

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With 23 million people in South Africa using Facebook for at least four hours every day, and increasingly open to researching, connecting and making purchases online, any business in any industry that isn’t on Facebook is setting itself up for failure.

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Most businesses believe that simply setting up a Fan Page on Facebook and posting to it, is enough to succeed - but because Facebook is a paid advertising platform at its heart, you realistically need to pay to have your content seen.

You’ll have seen the ‘boost post’ option on Facebook - effectively it offers you the chance to pay to increase the visibility of your post in people’s busy news feeds. But even doing that doesn’t guarantee that the right people will see your post, because you can’t target them effectively with a simple boost.

Flow helps target the right people, simply. The platform automatically pulls through the listing content you have on your own website to create attractive social media ads - without the need for a designer - and then targets the right people with them, in the way that engages them most.

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