3 Tips to improve your chances of selling listings with Flow

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As an agent, when you’re looking to sell a property, you’re targeting a small pool of people – buyers primed to purchase, who want a property with those particular features, in that suburb and in the price range. Listing the property on a property portal means it’s one of a million other listings – so how do you make it stand out and get it in front of the right buyer, in the right place, at the right time?

1. Target Buyers Efficiently

Using the targeting tools afforded by social media advertising, you can run an ad for a specific property that targets the ideal buyer – in terms of price, location and features – on the channels that they use every day. That, though, means that you need to understand how to use those tools for proper effect and know how to ‘beat the algorithm’ that everyone is talking about. Flow makes it simple to target the right people without having a Master’s Degree in Facebook – let the platform pull in your listing, tell us a bit about it and we’ll make sure your ad is served to the right people.


Your sale might not ultimately come from a direct click from an ad – but the right exposure in the right place is more likely to generate leads than hoping for the best from a listing on a property portal. The nature of social media lends itself to generating leads by harnessing good old-fashioned word of mouth – social media platforms just call it ‘sharing’. If someone sees something on social media that appeals to them, they can like it. If they think it will appeal to a friend, they can tag them or share it with them. The networking effect on social media is exponential – and a great way to generate leads.

While building your database is important, it’s also vital to look after your existing clients. When people talk about ‘retargeting’ on social media, it sounds vastly complicated – but it’s something you can easily do with Flow, keeping your client base informed about your inventory and showing them that you’re continually growing your brand.

2. Use Flow’s Powerful Reporting Tools to Keep Sellers Informed

That kind of networking is also a great way to stand out to sellers because of the way you’re able to connect them with the right buyers, which will likely result in you getting more sole mandates and more listings. During a campaign, you can even download comprehensive reports to share with the seller, indicating the level of interest in the listing.


Even if you don’t want to run a sustained campaign for a listing, you can generate additional interest ahead of, for example, a show day – by running a quick fire social media campaign. If you target the right people in the three days before a show day, you’ll garner more attention, get more feet in the door and increase your chances of shifting the listing.

3. Brag about your Brand and Experience on Social Media

Social media advertising isn’t only about advertising listings – you can build your agency brand, as well as your personal brand as an agent, on social platforms. By running a brand campaign, people become familiar with you as an expert in your area and by the time you come to promote a listing, they’ll recognise your face and your brand, giving you the upper hand as a trusted partner in a massive financial transaction like buying or selling a home. For more about Flow, visit www.flowliving.com

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